Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

dialog: continuing the process...

this is my sketchbook page that i used throughout the process. after my first iteration, i started thinking literally about the kinds of conversations people have. the one that stuck out to me was one person coming in and dominating a conversation. i liked this idea because it fit in with the work i had done with one narrow space and a larger space.

this is the right side of the project. i took the design of this side from the top of my previous iteration. the opening reveals the narrow space that i have created.

i decided to play more with scale and exaggerate the differences in the sizes of the spaces. i also thought more about how i defined the spaces. continuation allows the eye to recognize two distinct spaces without the larger space being completely delineated.

opening doors

for some reason, i have been wanting to draw a set of keys. so i drew mine and my mom's keys. it was tricky because i'm still getting used to drawing in ink and being ok with little imperfections. but i think it turned out to be a nice drawing!

playing games

over fall break i was looking for things to sketch... and there was my brother's game cube staring at me. so here it is!