Thursday, May 7, 2009

design autobiography

i'm never caught without earrings [and coral is my favorite color]

i definitely want to go back to sydney

it doesn't get much better than natural light

fallingwater [amazing!]

citrus fruits [great taste and colors]

blandwood mansion [historic buildings in general]

venice [city of floating stone]

curves [graceful, elegant]

absolutely love the beach [relaxed, laid-back feeling]

i usually would rather have thunderstorms than a sunny day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

final [drafting] portfolio

...coming full circle...

As designers get more creative and pull from new resources, INNOVATION is something to strive for. In my sacred space, I used copper walls, molded bamboo furniture, and movable louvers to set my design apart from others. “Botta has added a primal imagery that makes his buildings look very old and yet very new” (Roth 587). This is a hard thing to do, but it is something that can be achieved through innovation and forward thinking. This is what I hope to do in the future. My dream job is to design new houses with the old feel and character, but with a twist. Putting a new spin on old ideas, bringing something new to the table is what innovation is all about.

In my eyes, AUTHENTICITY is achieved in design that has strong roots. “Architecture is conceived of as a collective public entity, built up over time, continuing a dialogue with the past in the present” (Roth 593). I think this speaks to the authenticity of an object, building, or place. Like the nautilus shell, we carry the history of design along with us. This authenticity stems from designers recognizing this fact and taking that into consideration when formulating a design. They pay homage to the past in some way while also moving forward “not simply alluding in obvious ways to adjoining buildings, but by making a multilayered connection to a more encompassing history” (Roth 596).

When designing, it is important to consider the COMMUNITY around it. It is also necessary to consider the types and volumes of people using the space. It is about “creating environments for groups of people, living and working together in ancestral traditional ways” (Roth 607). For our final project in studio, we designed a sacred space for the graduate students. I created an area that could accommodate multiple students, but they could also get privacy in another area. Although it seems we have gotten away from catering to specific functions with our architecture, I think good design has to respond to the surroundings and intended use of the space in some way.

STEWARDSHIP means protecting and caring for places or property. With the threat of global warming and environmental pollution, designers are striving to protect and care for the earth as a whole. Ken Yeang’s Menara Mesiniaga and Malayan Borneo Finance Building in Malaysia are examples of being a good steward for the environment. The open areas allow for easy air circulation throughout the building. The deep recesses in apartment terraces provide shade from the sun (Roth 609). Both buildings respond to the environments, which puts them on the path to more efficient and sustainable design. As we move further into the 20th century and environmental problems, it is more important to develop sustainable design.

This week (and semester) has been about discovering who I am as a designer. I know that I am interested in historic preservation, but how can I use what I’ve learned in these classes to further that exploration and create a unique niche in the world of design. I like older buildings so much because I’ve found, especially through this class, that everything can be traced back to something before it. I also love the fact that no matter how many years pass since antiquity, that period and its architecture will never be forgotten. Designers still reference qualities of ancient architecture. I hope to create timeless designs that are viewed in much the same way.

Roth, Leland M. (2007). Understanding Architecture: Its Elements, History, and Meaning. Boulder, CO: Westview Press