Wednesday, November 25, 2009

case piece :: pantry

this is just a snippet of my final studio project. we each designed a customized case piece for the space. mine was a pantry. it has a pentagonal shape with a tv, cabinet for ipod dock, and dry-erase board on the exterior. because of brother ali's hip-hop background, i felt the music and tv were important to make the space feel personalized.

concept composite

our final project in studio is to design a residential kitchen for a celebrity. my client is brother ali and i chose a geode for my concept. i felt this fit him because he has two sides [hip-hop artist vs. family man]. the center of a geode is bright, bold, and unexpected, all qualities that i find in brother ali after researching him.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

[F, F & E] close-up

we are designing a residential kitchen in studio, so our drawing assignment this week was to show a furnishing, fixture, or electrical element that was unique to our space. I drew my wall cabinets and emphasized it by making everything else grey.

sytycd :: header

we had a chance to re-do any previous assignment. since i was exempt from designing a blog header that week, i decided to do that assignment. the clock and hour glass symbolize the time we have spent in the major so far, but that our journey is only just beginning.

Friday, November 6, 2009

case study 9 :: axonometrics

after we drew the floor plan, the next step was to do an axonometric drawing. these have gotten a lot easier for me since first year. the biggest challenge with these drawing was getting the level changes right. of these two drawings, i like the black and white better.

case study 9 :: rendered plan

our running project has been working on the entenza house designed by eames + saarinen. we used their floor plan but put some of our own furniture in the space. here is my final rendered plan of the house.