Thursday, September 24, 2009

photoshop [experiment]

in this image, i wanted to increase the contrast and make the shadows dramatic. i used the burn tool to get this effect. i like the fact that it makes the colors themselves darker, not just adding black or grey.

i flattened the colors to get a more cartoon-like feel. i used the brush tool with the darker color setting. this one took the most time out of the three because i had to color over each section.

for the last image, i used the polygonal lasso tool to highlight the couch, rug, floor and ceiling. i then used the hue/saturation tool to change the colors from the originals. the tutorial we had in photoshop was extremely helpful to begin to learn the effects we can create in our pictures.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

color study

our assignment was to render sketchup perspectives in different styles using four colors from a maud gatewood painting. the first perspective was a mixture of loose and tight rendering. i used no straight edges and only markers. i also tried adding shading on the back of the paper... but the color was too dark and ruined my back corner!

in this loose style, i referenced the style of ivo drpic. i added color in layers the way he does, which made this the most challenging of the three renderings.

this is the clean, precise style that i feel most comfortable with. i used colored pencils on top of markers and showed light in a slightly different way than i usually do. overall, i liked this assignment for the fact that it helped me step outside my box.

so you think you can(t) draw: wk 1

this is my entry from week one. they task was to draw a joint... i am almost never caught without jewelry so this was an easy choice for me.